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Call us your dedicated and exclusive dispatch partners. We will handle the loads, the paperwork, the billing and all the time consuming but important details that require unnecessary work from you. That way, you can focus on what you do best driving and scaling your business. Call us today to learn more.

Camara Access To Our Network

Gain access to the ongoing relationships we have with industry leading shippers to ensure you get top paid rates. Call us and gain access today.

Camara Client Care

At Camara family Enterprises we look out for your best interest! Keeping you loaded, keeping you happy, maximizing your earnings potential is our #1 priority. Time is money, let us handle what we do best and recover your time and money. Call us today to maximize your earnings.

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Negotiate Best Rates + Collection Services

We negotiate rates to meet your pricing requirements. Don’t stay waiting and empty, get loaded and moving. Get top rates by calling us today. 
When you sign up with Camara Family Enterprises, we will make sure that you will get the best rate on the market. Because of our extensive network of partners around the U.S., we have access to find loads with highly competitive rates. 
Maximizing each and every trucking day to its full potential and profit is our #1 priority. 
In addition, we assist you invoicing clients and collecting the pay once the delivery is finished. If you prefer to handle your own billing and paperwork that’s not a problem. 
We are here to assist and manage your wants and needs, it’s our pleasure. 

Paperwork & Invoicing

We take the stress away by handling the paperwork and invoicing so you can enjoy driving and making money. 
Do you feel you are losing time and money filling out all different types of paperwork?
The days of you calling a broker, being placed on hold, waiting for an email, driving  around to find a fax machine are coming to an end. Don’t let your time which results in money be invested anymore in paperwork. 
We can take care of  the administrative duties of your business by handling the necessary paperwork and logistics so you can concentrate on the road. 
Sit back, relax, we’ll take care of it, so you can invest your energy and time in what makes you money — driving. 

Manage Weather Conditions

At Camara family Enterprises, we understand the challenges you face daily. We know  dealing with weather and unexpected mishaps are challenges that you don’t have time for.
An important solution we provide is assistance in managing your route, keeping you updated on weather and road conditions all before you reach a potential situation, enabling you to focus on what you do best —DRIVING.
As your personal dedicated dispatcher, your safety is our interest our goal is to ensure your trip goes smoothly with out incident.

No Forced Dispatch

You have full control of the loads you take. If the load doesn’t work for you, it does not work for us. If you don’t want to go, we won’t send you. 


Commercial Drives

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House Moving

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Easy Drive

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Earn more with us

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Documents Required to Get Started with Our Exclusive Dispatch Service


Copy of Active Authority (MC#)


Qualified driver


Copy of CDL for each driver being dispatched


Signed W-9


Proof of insurance


$1,000,000 in auto-liability & $100,000 in cargo coverage


Signed dispatcher-carrier agreement & power of attorney